What is a Reiki Massage?


Dealing with stress and strain on a daily basis can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spirtually draining. It may seem like everywhere you go you have someone constantly draining your energy with negativity and bad news. Fortunately there is a way for you to regain some grounding in your life and begin to feel completely at ease with the world. Reiki massage practices are a great way to relieve stress and feel great! Reiki is a spiritual practice that has been in use for over a century. During this time Reiki has helped thousands of people regain control over their lives and their happiness.

What is Reiki Massage?

Reiki is an energetic therapy that was designed to heal the body using the hands and the energy that circulates within our own bodies. The creator of this system was Mikao Usui, who was a Japanese Buddhist. He created this energetic therapy in 1922 and the teachings have spread throughout the world. This therapy makes use of the palm healing by channeling the reiki (or inner spiritual energy) of the practitioner. Since its inception there have been two major schools of Reiki created. Both the Traditional as well as the Western version of Reiki massage healing can be taught to a student.

The Power Latent in a Name

The Reiki name is actually a compound of two smaller words. Rei in Japanese means spiritual, divine or godly. Ki commonly written as qi means vital life, motivation or consciousness. When placed together the loose English translation is spiritual energy. Depending on the language that it is written in the translation may be slightly different. In some Japanese dictionaries the translation will be Mysterious Feeling. However it is defined, the outcome is the same. This energetic therapy can help released stress and block energy within the human body.

Origin of Reiki Massage: Enlightenment and Attunement

It has been said that Mikao Usui was attuned to Reiki during a 20 day Buddhist training course. Many assume that this training course was meant to be a spiritual purification test, that involved fasting, meditating and praying. During his training he became instantly attuned to the power of reiki massage healing. Along with his attunement he also gained the power to awake the hidden powers latent within others. During his lifetime he had healed over 2000 different people through the power of Reiki massage practices. Before Mikao Usui died he left 16 successors that went about spreading his teaching and the knowledge of Reiki.

Five vs. Five: 5 Ways of Healing versus 5 Things to Abstain From

During Mikao Usui’s life he developed a system of living that would allow a person to live a happy more healthy life. Within this system there were five commandments that one must abstain from in order to be happy. Also, there were five daily practices that must be done in order to fully enjoy your life. The five principles that must be abstained from include: murder, theft, sexual deviance, lying and over-indulgence in spirits. Likewise, the five daily practices include: diligence, kindness, gratefulness,happiness and temperance.

Chakras and How the System Works

The practice of reiki healing makes use of the seven major chakras of the body. From the root chakra to the crown chakra each one is carefully empowered by an attuned reiki healer. Healing does not make use of any medicines or chemicals, but blowing, touch and tapping techniques. Reiki massage healers, heal the body by transferring universal energy through out an ailing person’s body. The beauty of this art is that it allows Reiki healers to heal themselves as well as others with these methods.

For a full body Reiki massage healer will ask the ailing person to lie down in a comfortable spot and relax. There are a variety of different treatment techniques that include both hands on as well as hands off treatments. The healers will generally perform twelve common hand positions that will heal the head, neck, body, limbs, as well as the feet. The average time for a healing session is usually between 60-90 minutes.

Three Levels of Reiki Mastery

The first level will teach new students the foundations of Reiki including: hand placements and the theories behind them. At the end of this level the student will be able to heal others and themselves. The Second level teaches deeper levels of Reiki healing and also allows the student to heal people from long distance. The master level allows the practitioner to attune others latent Reiki healing abilities.

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