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Reiki Chakras.  The word ‘chakra’ originated from ancient Sanskrit in India, and means ‘wheel of light’. In Reiki massage, the seven major chakras, or energy centers, of the human body is usually targeted. These chakras are the primary channels through which energy flows in our body, and the flow of energy is key to our health and wellbeing at every level from physical and mental health to emotional and spiritual health.

Traditional Reiki under Usui did not in fact utilize these chakras, which originated in India well before Usui’s time. However Reiki practitioners have now largely adopted the concept of chakras as a worthwhile addition to Reiki massage and Reiki practice.

As such, a knowledge of the chakras will help you understand the various hand positions and healing methods employed in Reiki massage.

Chakras and Their Purpose

The chakras and the energy lines of the body are a critical component of reiki healing. The body is comprised of seven major chakras with hundreds of smaller ones throughout the body. At each of these seven chakras centers is a swirling mass of energy that helps universal energy flow into it. When a person experiences an ailment or stress then some of the chakras may be blocked. This will have adverse effects on the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health of the person. Reiki massage healers believe that they have the power to help restore energy to these centers of power.

Each of the seven major chakras of the body provide a different function for a person:

The Root Chakra represents the earth and concerns our physical survival and connection to the physical world. This chakra deals with how comfortable a person is from moment to moment. Other aspects of this chakra focus upon money, health and some sexual desires. When the root is closed a person may feel anxious and uncomfortable in most daily activities, be fearful of life and retreat from the physical world. Violence and selfishness are also effects. Physically, a blockage of this chakra can cause problems for your back and legs.

The Sacral Chakra represents the water element, and  concerns our emotions and sexuality. This chakra is the source of creativity and inspiration, and deals with your expressions or ability to create music, dance and art. It gives us our sense of self. Dysfunction of this chakra can cause issues with intimacy and self-esteem.

The Naval Chakra deals with power, confidence and direction in life. The focus of this chakra is to promote the will of the person, allowing them to go out into the world and make effective changes in it. When this chakra is blocked, a person will have issues with asserting themselves in their environment.

The Heart Chakra deals with love, compassion and forgiveness. This chakra is the central chakra that provides the neccessary energy for the rest of the chakras to function correctly. This chakra focuses on feelings of appreciation for others, self and the world. When the Heart chakra is blocked a person will have problems with loving themselves and others.

The Throat Chakra focuses on sounds and communication. More specifically this chakra focuses on speaking and listening. This chakra allows people to communicate effectively with others. Those with issues in this chakra will find it hard to communicate their needs and desires to others. Some may even have issues with listening to others and understanding their point of view.

The Third Eye Chakra deals with intuition and feel for the truth. This chakra is responsible for helping people see beyond what is being presented to them. This chakra is especially useful for determining if someone is trustworthy or not. Blockage with this chakra will lead to a person being deceived and swindled very easily.

The Crown Chakra deals with spiritual guidance, enlightenment and divine knowledge. Access to this chakras power grants a person the ability to feel connected to their source or their inner being. This chakra allows people to have visions, or premonitions of future events. Blockage in this chakra may make a person feel congested within their own bodies. They may feel like they are on their own with no spiritual help or guidance.

Believers of Reiki massage believe that they have access to their Crown Chakra’s power and universal energy. This allows them to help heal damaged or blocked chakras of other peoZple, thus assisting them in restoring physical, mental and emotional health to a person.

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