Reiki is a Japanese healing art that has it’s roots through-out the world. It was re-discovered in 1922 by Mikao Usui, who would develop the technique that would be passed down to his students and eventually brought to our Western Culture.


Reiki is composed of two words, “Rei” meaning a Higher Knowing or Intelligence, and “ki”, meaning chi, qi, or the life force energy that flows through everything. Reiki is this energy being guided by God, or a Greater Intelligence.


It is Universal Love. It is unconditional, unbiased, non-judgmental love and it encompasses everything. It is not limited to religion, belief, race or space in time, because it is much bigger than what we can comprehend. It cares for Everything because it is Everything. We are a part of it, just as much as it is a part of us.

Reiki is generally given to the patient by the placement of the practitioners hands on the body, more commonly along the seven main chakras. This allows the energy that has become stuck (known as blockages) to begin to move more freely, bringing balance within. These blockages occur when we have negative thoughts and feelings towards ourselves or another person. It is inevitably our beliefs that create the reality we experience; not just with our physical health, but in all other areas of life.


Reiki is not simply limited to the physical either, it can heal all of our-selves; the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of who we are. It is important to understand that we are not simply physical beings if we wish to be completely healed in our lives, and that we only limit our ability to heal while being so focused on the physical problem.


Each practitioner will have their own method of giving Reiki. Some use crystals in order to enhance the energy during the healing, others use pendulums in to see where imbalances are occurring. Regardless of the methods used, it is important to remember that the energy is coming from the same source, healing that which needs to be healed.


If you allow it to, it can transform your life in ways you never thought possible. It can open you up to possibilities that had not presented themselves before (because you were not allowing them to happen) It can help you in all aspects of your life; from your relationships to finding that perfect job – and it doesn’t stop there.


It goes to the very heart of who you are and heals your life from the inside out! It is truly amazing.

Monday - Friday:   10:00 am - 9:00 pm,
Saturday - Sunday  10:00 am - 8:00 pm       
                                                                                   We Accept All Major Credit Cards And HSA / FSA cards 
                                                                      Cert # 23122 
*The results may vary from person to person
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