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People seeking HPV Support Through Alternative Medicine

Rid Your Body of HPV

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Woman Connecting with her HPV ailment


HPV is short for Human Papillomavirus. Genital HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the United States. About 20 million Americans ages 15 to 49 currently have HPV and at least half of all sexually active men and women get genital HPV at some time in their lives. Any infection in the body can be removed with energy.


There is no cure available for the HPV virus and warts may go away on their own. The treatment focuses on removing warts.


A vaccine may be taken that prevents the HPV strains most likely to cause genital warts and cervical cancer is recommended for boys and girls. HPV vaccines are available to prevent the spread of the virus.



HPV cannot live and function in a body that has high energy flowing. the Reiki energy able to clean the virus using the energy of the individual with most patients seeing results after just a few treatments.  I open the chakras of the patient to allow energy to flow throughout the entire body. The first session must take place in my office and then I am able to treat the patient remotely. 

Meditation and Healing



My pap smear result back in May 2012 was positive with HPV (Level 3).
I was scheduled to undergo Leap Procedure to scrape the virus from my
uterus (slice a small part of it) by the gynecologist. But I refused to go for the procedure instead I went to Moses for healing treatment. I just had my pap smear done mid of February 2013 and the result is negative (Moses help me in treating my HPV virus in an alternative way).


Moses is amazing! I went to see him several times since I heard he could treat HPV. My last pap test was negative!!! Moses is professional and his healing energy is wonderful


I did my regular pap smear in June last year and I was diagnosed HPV positive.
My Doctor did not have any medication to give me. I started to search the internet and I found Moses.  I was skeptical about using energy to heal yourself, but I saw a review on his website and I decided to give it a try. I came to his clinic and I felt very calm with this man  as he explained what the session would be like.  I kept saying to myself to enjoy the nice massage and be positive that it would work.
By the end of the session he told me many things that only I know about myself and my health.  He asked me to call in 4 days to treat me over the phone.
This was strange to me, but I did it since he was correct on everything that was said to me during my session.  After the second time that I called him he said that I was DON,T HAVE IT and asked me to schedule a pap smear again.  I was surprised to find out that after only a few sessions with Moses my results came back negative. 

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