Dai Ko Myo


Dai Ko Myo Massage (Dye-Ko-My-O) is known as the “Master” symbol in Usui Reiki. It is considered to have the highest vibration and to be the most powerful of the symbols. This Master symbol is used in passing attunements and has the ability to heal our soul.


It can heal the aura, the chakras and any disease that originates from our subconscious beliefs.

During an attunement it enters into our Crown Chakra and illuminates the truth of who we really are. It allows us to realize our Divinity and connection to Everything, taking us back to God, whom we were never truly separated from. It is the Dai Ko Myo then, that reconnects us to the Divinity that is inherently present within all, allowing us to heal ourselves and others.


There are many variations of this symbol and it is very close to the Master Symbol “Dumo” used in Usui/Tibetan Reiki. Because of the historical inaccuracies provided by Reiki Master Hawayo Takata, who is accredited to bringing reiki to the West in 1937, had made many changes to Usui’s original system of healing.


Traditionally speaking, there was much more dedication involved in Mastering Reiki, students were taught to get to “know” the symbols, to feel their energy, essentially becoming one with them. In our fast paced society we can learn Reiki within a day and be given these symbols with a quick description of what they represent.

It was through the hard work of a dedicated group of Reiki Masters (William Lee Rand, Arjuva peter and others) who would start to uncover the truth of Usui and his Original teachings. From what has been discovered through the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, traditional practices in Japan, China and Tibet, this symbol has been certified to be the original.


When we translate the individual symbols in the Dai Ko Myo, we see that it clearly represents the energy it carries. “Dai” means Big or Great, “ko” is a noun for light, it also means glossy or smooth, and “myo” means bright light – it also translates to clear or evident and is a verb for understanding, or knowing. Simply put, the Dai-Ko-Myo means  “Bright Shining Light” or “Great Enlightenment”. It signifies enlightenment, inner knowledge and truth.


It brings us back to the correct path that we often stray from in life, forgetting why it is that we are here. Some believe that we came here simply to experience everything, to get purposefully lost while doing it – so that we could find our way back to the truth of who we are and how powerful our Love is!

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