Cho Ku Rei Massage


Cho Ku Rei Massage  (Cho – koo- ray)  is known as the “Power” symbol here in our Western Culture. In Usui-Reiki Level 2 you are taught to use it when you need more healing energy focused in a certain area. It seems that for ease and simplicity in our fast paced society that many Reiki instructors offer an “In and Out” attunement, where you can have it done in less than a day, the same applies for the symbolism. We are not taught in detail about each symbol and what it truly represents.


In Eastern Culture, students study for years before mastering the Art of Reiki and the symbols. They are taught to feel the energy of the symbols, to become familiar with each, to know it.


The Cho-ku-rei Massage is the symbol for Universal Energy. It is our intent and will that determines how powerful this symbol is, and it can be used for many purposes – from healing, to making our desires become reality.

You can use the Cho-ku-rei when someone is experiencing pain during a treatment, your intent to heal the pain with the symbol will help greatly reduce it, or even diminish it! If no pain is apparent during your session, simple use it to help with the flow of energy that is flowing through you. Remember, Reiki will go where ever it is needed most!


You may also use the Cho-ku-rei Massage to charge you food and water with pure energy, especially if you are out or travelling. When you understand that everything is energy, you will understand that food-born illnesses are a result of negative energy that remains in our food (whether it’s from the handler, or the animal itself when it died). The Cho-ku-rei will put positive energy back into your food and water, super-charging the vitamins and minerals for our bodies.


The Cho-ku-rei isn’t just limited to healing negative energy, you can also use it to manifest your desires. One of my favourite methods to do is to write your desire, or intention on a piece of paper. Fold the paper to fit inside of your hands, draw the Cho-ku-rei symbol over it, and begin to give it Reiki for 15 minutes or longer! Do this daily if you wish, putting your intention into it.


Imagine it happening, feel it as if it has already happened! When you begin to understand that the world around you is a vibration of energy, you will understand how your vibration effects the world outside of you!

Monday - Friday:   10:00 am - 9:00 pm,
Saturday - Sunday  10:00 am - 8:00 pm       
                                                                                   We Accept All Major Credit Cards And HSA / FSA cards 
                                                                      Cert # 23122 
*The results may vary from person to person
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