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Chakra Balancing is a healing technique used by the Ancient gods.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel”. There are seven main chakras that exist within each living creature, starting at the “root” (base of the spine) rising up through the spine and ending at the “crown” chakra (top of the head).

Each chakra appears as a vortex that spins inward from the front of the body, to the center point of that chakra on the kundalini, and then outward from the back.


How Reiki can help the Chakra balancing.


Sometimes these Chakras can become out of balance, causing physical symptoms of disease in the body. This can not only effect you physically but can also play a big part in how you are manifesting the world around you. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually – if just one chakra is out of balance, there will be discord in your physical reality (even if it is only an upset stomach!).


In Reiki, the practitioner learns how to feel the energy of each chakra and helps bring them into balance by the various hand positions that are learned. During a healing session the practitioner will generally give reiki to the chakra centers, removing any blockages that may exist within.


Although the blockage occurs at the chakra center, the body may manifest it in other places – such as your shoulder, or in your feet. This is why it is necessary to go through each chakra to find the root cause. Remember: Reiki will always go where it is needed most.


When a person asks for “chakra balancing” the practitioner will go down each of the seven chakras, usually starting at the crown chakra, until they feel that the energy has became balanced. A Reiki Practitioner can feel for the difference in energy in each of the chakras and can determine which are over or under active. Often when there is an imbalance of th3 energy in our body, the area will feel either “sluggish” or will be vibrating much faster then it should.


Once the chakras have been balanced you will feel refreshed, even perhaps “high” from the vibration that each one is giving off. It is quite euphoric, and I recommend that you get it done often, as the chakras can easily become “muddied” from daily events. (No matter how small or uneventful)

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